A united and cohesive team leads with success the rapid growth of the company. The experience and the synergy of the competences in medical research, electronics, production and distribution allow an efficient result-oriented management.

Pierre Rigaux CEO

Pierre Rigaux CEO Cefaly Technology

Doctor of Medicine graduated from Université de Liège (Belgium).
20+ years of experience in the medical industry as Medical Director of Médi-Prevent (Liège, Belgium), Managing Director of Compex Médical (Lausanne, Switzerland), Vice President of Rehabilicare (Minneapolis, USA).

Currently administrator of IMS (Innovative Medical System) and Gymna Uniphy (Bilzen, Netherlands and Belgium).

Pierre-Yves Muller CTO

Pierre-Yves Muller CTO Cefaly Technology

M.Sc. in Microtechnical Engineering graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland). Director of research and development and founder of the electrostimulation devices Compex Médical S.A. (Lausanne, Switzerland). Experience in the medical domain and in consultancy for more than 30 years.

Alain Sarton COO

Alain Sarton COO Cefaly Technology

Holder of a Polytechnic and Safety engineering degree from the ISI Gramme and the University of Liège. Over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain management, quality and consultancy. Extensive experience in major groups in Belgium and abroad, especially in the food industry.

Jean-Yves Mignolet R&D Manager

Jean-Yves Mignolet R&D Manager Cefaly Technology

M.Sc. In Electrical Engineering from the Université Catholique de Louvain. 15+ years of experience in microelectronics research and development. Extended experience in the medical industry (product research and development, clinical trial, regulatory affairs).

Raphael Ravet Export Manager

Raphael Ravet Export Manager Cefaly Technology

Graduated in Foreign Trade from Haute École de Liège Helmo (Liège, Belgium), followed by a extra degree Explort from AWEX (Walloon Agency for Export). He has an international culture and speaks fluently several languages. He has taken a large part in the setup of the European distribution network and manages CEFALY Technology's global exports.

Xavier Bruyère CFO

Xavier Bruyère CFO Cefaly Technology

Commercial Engineer, graduated of HEC - Management School University of Liège. He has more than 15 years of experience as a management controller and in financial positions with large international companies located in Belgium. He is also lecturer at the Belgian Chamber of Accountants and Chartered Accountants of Liège.